UPDATED – A Calvary Chapel split?

CC Split 2

This article is in NO WAY endorsing George or Debbi Bryson or what they are doing by splitting from Calvary Chapel because it’s THE BLIND SPLITTING FROM THE BLIND. The end result will be continued blindness.

WARNING – This whole “split thing” could have been planned before Chuck Smith even died. With all the corruption we have discovered, we wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this whole thing was planned to salvage the money and power. With all the exposing of Calvary Chapel that is taking place, this could be their “backup plan“. 

I usually don’t do this unless I have the actual documented evidence but I am willing to at least report this based upon another blog post that is claiming to have the proof. I don’t think they would want to risk a lawsuit if they actually didn’t have the goods.

Phx Preach 2132014 183

Anyway, according to the above Phoenix Preacher website, Michael Newman received information of an email signed by “Don McClure, Skip Heitzig, Damian Kyle, Brian Brodersen, Wayne Taylor, Ricky Ryan, Raul Ries, Joe Focht, Bob Coy, Bob Caldwell, Jack Hibbs, David Rosales, Malcolm Wild, Jeff Johnson, Bill Stonebraker, Tom Stipe, David Guzik, Ray Bentley, Lloyd Pulley, Sandy Adams and Mike MacIntosh” asking Calvary Chapel Church Planting Mission’s founder, George Bryson, to leave, reporting a possible “split” of sorts within Calvary Chapel.

From the Phoenix Preacher article (SOURCE) -

“The Calvary Chapel Association announced this afternoon in an email to their pastors that George Bryson would be starting his own movement and those pastors who decide to join with him will have to change the names of their churches.”

There is more information contained in the “Comments” section of that post.

I, William Saunders, personally know George and Debbi Bryson as George was a roommate of my relative in Russia and Debbi was my real estate agent on 3 separate transactions (99′, 00′, 03′). I always found George and Debbi to be very generous, loving people towards me and my family.

I also attended Calvary Chapel Vista with George and Debbi Bryson before I left in 09′ and see George from afar on occasion at the Vista Costco.

George Debbi Bryson

Looking back at my experience with George and Debbi Bryson, I believed George and Debbi were sincere in their love for the Lord (from what I remember) but because they have been in the Calvary Chapel system, they are blinded from what is going on as I was at one time. However, because they were involved at the leadership level with Chuck Smith, they probably might know at least some of the covered-up corruption which makes them a part of it if they stay silent.

However I still don’t know their motives for what they do. George and Debbi Bryson were a part of Shiloh House which was either a cult or very cult-like.

George and Debbi’s daughter, Esther DeWitt, wrote a book about her parents “There is a cult leader in my kitchen” (SOURCE) where she describes her experience.

There is a cult leader

As we all know, sincere well meaning people can be on the wrong track. We can look at Matthew 7:21-23 as a great example of sincere people that Jesus never knew and those “sincere” people found out about that at the wrong time.

Matthew 7:21-23 -Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of My Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? and in Thy name have cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me, ye that work iniquity.

Here in is the problem. Sincerity means nothing when it comes to the truth, people can be sincerely wrong.

Sincerity and Truth

George and Debbi are very close to John Higgins as all were at the very beginning of CC and a part of Shiloh House.

The last time I communicated with either George or Debbi was right before the Lord called me to be a watchman in November 2009. Since then much has been discovered about the incredible corruption within Calvary Chapel and the cover-up of evil taking place.

Even though Debbi Bryson’s website state they attend CC Vista (SOURCE), I don’t know if that is still true because the Sr. Pastor, Rob Salvato, and Brian Brodersen are very close as Brian was the former Sr. Pastor there. Brian is one of the signatories booting out George.

Brodersen Salvato

With George Bryson in charge of all the church planting in the former Soviet Union for Calvary Chapel, he has a lot of influence with the CC pastors over there and some of the pastors here.



The problem with Calvary Chapel is that it was never from the Lord (in the way they think). People were saved due to the Word of God, not the people proclaiming the Word.

James 1:21 - “Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.”

Romans 10:17 -So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

People always want to take the credit for what the Lord does. Any salvation within the corrupt Calvary Chapel system is due to the Word of God, not the men proclaiming it.

As I stated in the Jacob Prasch article (CLICK HERE) where Jacob launched the first salvo, Calvary Chapel didn’t somehow go bad with Brian Brodersen, it was bad all along. From Aimee Semple McPherson, to Lonnie Frisbee, to Kathryn Kuhlman, to inking deals with Paul Crouch in Chuck Smith’s office for over 40 years on TBN, to all those false dates of Chuck Smith, to Chuck Smith’s pro Roman Catholicism, to what we see now, it’s always been bad.

Anyone who got saved in all that corruption was due to the Word of God, praise the Lord for that.



How can anyone be so blind as to celebrate and boast about being a partner with Paul Crouch for over 40 years? Mike MacIntosh is one of the signers of the Calvary Chapel Association letter to George Bryson.

How can George Bryson say CC was good, went bad, and now wants to split from it? Won’t he still end up in bad thinking that before was good? Do you see how deep the deception is for those inside Calvary Chapel?

Lord have mercy.

Maybe the Lord will put me in contact with George or Debbi. Whatever the case, maybe the split will be the beginning for many to come out of the “Calvary Chapel blindness” they are currently in. We all need to pray for those who separate from the “mother ship” and pray they see what happened. If it happened to me it can happen to them.

If it is true that Calvary Chapel gave George the boot, will Debbi continue to speak at Calvary Chapels?

I have had people contact me about Debbi Bryson’s Emergent/New Age type ideas in her teachings. We personally have not looked in to that so I can’t say one way or the other. If there is someone out there that can provide Ephesians 5:11 Blog some documented evidence (video, audio, quote from a book, etc.) to make it easier on us, we would appreciate that input.

UPDATE 2/20/2014 in the PM

I actually found an audio of Debbi Bryson from July 12, 2013 when she spoke at Calvary Chapel Bangor Maine. Starting at time mark 37:00 until the end she did bring up Emergent, contemplative type terms and ideas.  Terms like “Practicing the Presence” of God, “Bumping into God”, “visualize”, “building God type images”. You really have to hear this.

FYI – Acts 5:32 - “…the Holy Ghost, whom God hath given to them that obey Him.”

All this stuff she is telling these women is very disturbing. In light of reading the scripture, listen to what Debbi says -


To the women who were at the July 2013 Women’s Conference at Calvary Chapel Bangor Maine, if you want to “Practice the presence of God“, obey His Word. Don’t listen to all that “Contemplative mystical talk“, those ideas are not from God.

D Bryson Speaking Schedule 2182014


I know where George and Debbi live as I have been to their house. Please pray if it’s the Lord’s will, I contact them.

In any case, what is very strange is you have someone, George Bryson, who is fighting for something within a corrupt system that in the end will not be right unless George Bryson denounces Lonnie Frisbee and the whole ball of wax that this whole corrupt Calvary Chapel system is made up of.


AGAIN, this article is in NO WAY endorsing George or Debbi Bryson or what they are doing by splitting from Calvary Chapel because it’s the blind splitting from the blind. The end result will be further continued blindness.

Like we stated in the beginning, this whole “split thing” could be an attempt to salvage money and power. It has the ring of Reformers splitting from Roman Catholicism where both groups lift up the Roman Catholic Augustine. How do we know that the Roman Catholic church didn’t start the Reformation movement so they could control both camps? Why do both groups lift up the same people?

In this case both groups will be lifting up Chuck Smith with his 40+ years of TBN, Lonnie Frisbee, date setting, pro Roman Catholicism and all the rest.

Think about that.

Ephesians 6:18 - “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints

11 thoughts on “UPDATED – A Calvary Chapel split?

  1. I attended a wedding in Maine a few years back where Debbi spoke. She read a letter to the couple that she had wrote but , it was written as if God was speaking to this couple through the letter. It was definitely not a prophetic word from the Lord but was like she was channeling (another) Jesus, very much like what Sarah Young teaches in Jesus Calling. A couple of years later she taught at Calvary Chapel women’s conference in Maine where it was reported that she was telling people to visualize Jesus and then have him speak to them. Now my wife did not personally attend that conference but, it lines right up with what I witnessed her do at the wedding.

  2. So sad to hear that Debbi is one of those Eckhart Tolle “presence” nut jobs. And I weep for the women she is misleading.

    Then she starts speaking about the ‘elements’ like a witch…fire, water, can she get anymore new age? :(

  3. I agree, all I see is one corrupt whole spliting into two corrupt parts. Unless I would see a long list of orthodox things they stand for along with another long list of unorthodox things that they condemn (where there has been recent confusion, such as Eucharistic practices, Rick Warren issues, etc.) and follow it up by the fruit, and don’t endorse/recommend any apostates as they have been doing with their ‘cross referenced’ back slappings, then there might be a spark of hope! But otherwise…

  4. “How do we know that the Roman Catholic church didn’t start the Reformation movement so they could control both camps? Why do both groups lift up the same people?”


    The “reformed” positions keep the catholic false gospel of works, and other catholic-type beliefs, even giving superlove to Augustine, the heretic (who also happens to have been catholic).

    It’s called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION, and that is the wisest move for the catholic church. Have a few “daughters” that will seem to “separate” yet still speak fondly of you and your proponents.

    Meanwhile the true Bible believer is pushed outside the whole thing.

    And that is okay to be pushed outside the camp (Hebrews 13:13).

  5. If the leadership is known to have been so corrupt, I would think the followers would stop and think maybe they have been learning some wrong values, like maybe wanting to kill each other over Calvinism is not “of the Lord.” Seems totally inappropriate to call Debbie Bryson a “witch” and a “nut job,” and what’s up with the paranoia that all Protestantism is secretly being controlled by the Vatican? I got news for those guys, the Pope can’t even control his own church or his clergy, so I seriously doubt he has time to worry about yours.

    • You are correct about referring really anyone being called those names however what she did and is doing is spiritually wrong.

      The whole idea the Vatican is controlling the non-Catholic churches is partially true. The Freemasons are doing a better job but both entities have one goal in mind and that’s the whole all religions are one business.

      The Vatican already accepted all the world’s religions back on October 28, 1965 as we have documented off the Vatican website. Now the Freemason “Christian” leaders are following up with the unbiblical “religious freedom” idea to eventually bring the fake Christian church together with Judaism and Islam as this is their goal . We have documented how America’s Freemason & Jesuit Founding Fathers came together in 1776 to create this environment. If you go to the latest post you will find the August 2012 link.

      The reason you have the idea the Vatican can’t control it’s own church is because whistleblowers are coming forward but the goals of Rome remain the same.

      We have just discovered an incredible document that is in the Congressional Record from 1913 where a congressman inserted the Jesuit Oath which details their purpose.

      Up until now this document was an “Internet rumor” and we now have the actual document. We also have a 1914 document that corroborates the 1913 document is in the Congressional Record.

      So the battle “behind the scenes” is real and men have died.

      It’s a real thing.

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